Edward Gunawan’s ‘Stranger in a Suit’ for MOXIE ASIA 03

A special thank you to Edward Gunawan for contributing to MOXIE 03 with his short story entitled ‘Stranger in a Suit’, an encounter of circumstance between a young executive and a curious furniture mover. Below is an except from the story.


It’s raining, Daniel reasoned. Yet, he couldn’t tone down the annoyance in his voice as he yelled into the phone.

“Mr. Ho, I’d have to cancel if you don’t show up soon.”

“On the way already,” the mover replied, “Maybe my son just got lost.”

“I’ve waited for two hours. I got to go to work.”

“I know, I know… we also work wor. Just leave your key with building manager,” Mr Ho suggested. When he noticed the uneasy pause, he continued, “It’s OK, we do it all the time.”

“Fine,” Daniel reluctantly replied, as the phone clicked off.

Never mind that he had taken the morning off-work, this wasn’t about that. He had moved to Hong Kong expecting a quickened pace of life that had eluded him for the past three years. This kind of delay might be expected in Bangkok. Everyone and everything was sabay-sabay. But isn’t this the city where the MTR still ran on time while a typhoon raged on above-ground?

He paced about his living room as he looked out of the windows. The rain continued to fall and the city was a blurry grey. A stranger in his apartment was not ideal, but he had no valuables here – just tubs of protein shakes. Thousands of dollars worth.


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