Arthur Tam, the creative mind behind his swimwear brand Tight Tams

Moxie Asia interviews Arthur Tam, the designer and entrepreneur behind his swimwear brand Tight Tams inspired by Chinese peony print worn by aunties.


MOXIE> Tell me something of your past, a quick bio of yourself in a short paragraph to introduce yourself.

ARTHUR> I was born and raised in Los Angeles. In 2011 I decided to move to Hong Kong to join a singing competition (I was a competitive singer back in LA) where I made it passed the initial rounds, but ultimately didn’t make on TV. I expected as much, but I still really wanted to stay in Hong Kong and see if I could make something of myself. I found LA to be quite dull and always liked the vibe of HK.

I found my chance when I was hired by Time Out Hong Kong to be a writer, editor and journalist. For the next seven years, I would have a career in journalism at the intersection of LGBTIQ+ politics, fashion and pop culture. For Time Out Hong Kong I became an editor focusing on music, fashion, film and LGBTIQ+ issues while also hosting Hong Kong’s very first gay, English language public radio show From Top to Bottom….


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