MOXIE is extremely pleased to showcase An Tôn Thất’s latest MV L’appel du vide, a seductive and haunting video by the artist, director and composer.

L’appel du vide translates to ‘the call of the void’. His journey brings him to a place of solitude within the seeming emptiness of life. There is deep longing in this composition, one of looking back in one’s life with questions. Shot in empty parking lots, alleyways and night streets, the barren landscape and scenery lend itself to the mood and thrust of the music. Dancer WeiHan Li’s movements are lyrical, fluid and filled with lament –‘ empty page, gaping hole…’. The lyrics are by Bibbe Hansen and brought to life and movement through An’s music. For those unfamiliar with Bibbe, she collaborated on many films with pop artist Andy Warhol.*

An Tôn Thất’s ‘L’appel du vide’

Particularly matched is An’s melancholic voice, never too strong and somewhat reticent. Musically, this track is one his most accomplished efforts, combining a mix of selective instruments… the electric guitars, drums, synthesized punctuations that are cleverly combined to create a vacuous sense of space in the song. The cello at 2.57 is wonderful, introduced so eloquently, evoking a deeper side of ourselves. This has to be one of An’s more memorable pieces to date, as one can easily hear the music long after playing it. The pace is never rushed, allowing for the viewer to sink deeper into its world.

Many of An Tôn Thất’s compositions have sadness, confusion and feelings of tragedy infused into both the music and video, personal takes on what he is feeling and absorbing in his daily life. What is sure though, is that An’s artistic ability has gone beyond those of many, and his artistic direction in L’appel du vide demonstrates his vision to even greater detail and emotion. Is there a chance for healing from the pain? There is no resolve in the video, and to that, it succeeds wonderfully.


Aaken – An Tôn Thất’s website

*MOXIE has an exclusive interview with An Tôn Thất’s in the next magazine issue of MOXIE 03, where An talks about his serendipitous meeting with Bibbe Hansen.