I had the privilege of listening to Annie Lennox live in Toronto when she was still with Dave Stewart. I remembered sitting towards the far back of the arena, but was entranced by the powerful, distinct, majestic voice. She commanded the stage. In one of the sets, a strong crew member lifted a spot light to her, followed her on stage, while casting a gigantic shadow behind her. It was raw and memorable. When she broke off with Dave, I too, wondered what would happen. Could move on without Eurythmics overshadowing her? After all, Eurythmics was undoubtedly an enormous success. Why was the first single that was released. It came out at the same time as my breakup with my first boyfriend. The relationship nearly killed me (yes, it’s like this when it is your first) and the song resonated deeply in my heart. I recall lying in my bed curled up in pain while Annie belted out the lyrics to Why. It was not exactly the most powerful song, but the visuals from the video certainly helped, as Annie slowly puts on makeup in front of a mirror. By the end of the video, she is decked out in a Vegas styled showgirl outfit. On the outside we are alway putting up a show of who we want the outside world to see us, but ultimately, we are souls inside seeking some kind of understanding of who we are through the window of love.