Every year since 2001, I think about the horrific events of 9/11, the day when 2 planes struck the World Trade Centers in New York city, setting them ablaze, and eventually witnessing the collapse of the towers. I recall seeing the first tower on little television screens at the gym, thinking how did it happen and how they would put out such a huge fire. It didn’t seem quite real. Later that evening I turned on the television set and saw repeated reruns of the tower’s collapse. My first thought was of the ones that died from the crash, both from the plane and the strange surreal disintegration of the buildings. To simply vanish from existence, just like that. I was trying to imagine the situation if I were one of the persons in the plane, or perhaps more profound, one of the persons working in the building, not even knowing that a plane was heading towards you and then suddenly disappearing, dying in an instant. How does that feel like? To not even know that you have died because there wasn’t time for you to think or perceive that you were gone from this earth. My mind felt confused and numb as I watched the news from my apartment in the Mid-levels.

911 Tribute In Light 2. Photo by Chris Schiffer

My apartment was in chaos, boxes strewn everywhere. I was preparing to move to a large apartment in Sheung Wan, a day perhaps before 9/11. The actual move itself is a blur. I cannot remember the movers nor the packing. I do however have a clear memory of everything sitting in my new apartment. It was spacious and large. I had spent nearly a month preparing the apartment, knocking down several partition walls and repainting the place. It was going to be home for nearly 8 years.

I unpacked the tv and found a temporary box to set it on, which was to become my source of news as I continued to immerse myself into the tragedy that was unfolding live. The news came forth saying that some special intelligence (maybe it was CIA) said it was the work of Osama bin Laden and then another report came in saying they found the passport to one of the terrorist hijackers. It did not make any sense. How could they have found one of the passports? Or was this particular hijacker not on the plane. Quickly though, I gave it a pass, as there were much more serious events happening. I thought that if this was indeed terrorist action, then there must be something far deeper than what the news reporters were saying; however it never quite dawned on me that the reporters could have been given misleading information amongst the chaos and destruction.

The Towers billowing smoke. Photo source unknown.

The towers looked like a planned demolition, I told my friend. I have seen it on Youtube and it looked exactly like a controlled demolition. As an architect and knowing a little about physics and structures, it did not seem plausible that an airplane, although big, could cause such damage to those buildings as to bring them down. And even if there was structural failure of some of the core columns, it would only be partial damage to the upper floors. But I was not an engineer nor some kind of forensic scientist, and eventually, I would wane away from the events that day, thinking that it was beyond my knowledge. They eventually would figure it out. I thought.

Today is August 13, 2017. And for some reason, I have been somewhat obsessed with the events of 9/11 for the past few days. Normally, I may gloss over the conspiracy theories, and case studies from various legitimate organisations trying to reveal the truth to the public, but this particular year, I got lead into the videos more intensely, and felt there was something that needed to be said from my own personal perspective of a guy so far away from New York but hidden away in the small industrial neighbourhood of Chai Wan, Hong Kong, exactly half way around the world.

South Tower collapses. Photo source unknown.


Could it be that there is a global awakening in the form or personal interior awakening to the events surrounding me and to others? The events of 9/11 seem clearer to me without the necessary requirement or condition that government bodies come clean. How can the powers that be reveal anything beyond what they have already have installed or claimed as their own truth? Perhaps the knowledge that the facts are not even being addressed is enough.

I have never really seen politics as something I find interesting to me, but the last few years have been uncompromising. The events surrounding 9/11 was the only time I felt close, as it did with so many people around the world. It was close and emotional because it did not seem possible. Then looking back over the past few days have brought me right back to the day it happened, but with the added information that was not revealed. Time has come to be.

Wreckage from the Towers. Photo source unknown.

There is strong evidence, not conspiracies, that indicate that the twin towers were destroyed by using nano-thermite, a relatively modern chemical compound used by the military for propellants and explosives. There was an independent study done endorsed by over 2,200 architects and engineers on Tower 7 of the World Trade Buildings, which came down without any plane colliding into it. The cause of its collapse, as reported by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) was attributed to fire, giving rise to a global collapse of the entire structure. http://www.ae911truth.org/

One of the fascinating theories is by Dr Judy Wood, whose intense research who draws the conclusion that the building was dustified by free-energy technology, a type of field effect. As an example, think of how your mobile phone works and where the signal comes from. http://drjudywood.com.

Why is the truth on how the buildings came down so important? It is because knowing how the buildings collapsed that gives rise to enormous implications to who really pulled these buildings down and the many lives that perished as a result. There is a snowball effect that leads from one thing to another, in a chain of accountability and of the individual persons behind it all.