… perhaps I am getting old…. a sense of fatigue embodied my whole body and my feelings were very mixed after having one of the most ecstatic orgasms in my adult life….

He continued to hug me real tight to the point I felt a bit uncomfortable.

I tried to rub his cock hoping he would come to reciprocate the joy and maybe clean up and go home (I was thinking out loud). But to my surprise, he was all soft and his dick seemed to be taking a break.

It must have been like half an hour when I drifted into some sort of light sleep. I sort of lost touch with what was going on.

When I woke up, I could see him sitting beside me on the bed playing with one of the ‘shoot-them-up’ video games on his smart phone.

‘How are you feeling? How was I? Did I make you feel good?’ He whispered. I nodded. I felt a bit embarrassed as he was not my prostitute although he was the best one that I can ever bargain for.

I tried to change the subject by talking about the game. ‘I heard terrible stories of how young people get hooked on playing games. Some played non-stop and died from exhaustion’.

‘I know how to practice moderation. For me, it is a way to take away the edge as I have the ambition exceed far beyond my sales target every month and I need to strategize on each potential customer’. It’s a cruel game. Nevertheless, compared to the bank job that I had to work all day for HKD15K, this is much better as the upside is limitless and I am my own boss. I have all the freedom to arrange my schedule.

‘The flights are always delayed in China due to heavy traffic controls. I rely on the games to pass the time’. I listened with much interest.

‘Unlike you, I don’t own a flat in Hong Kong. Our generation is doomed. My family is very poor. I have no choice but to work my ass off to get ahead. I am fully aware that only a handful of us make it to the diamond club.

‘How do you broach the subject to strangers about this subject? I heard it’s not even legal’. I asked curiously.

‘We have to be very careful. We have to rely on referrals from friends. Mainlanders, in general, are less sophisticated than Hong Kong people. If their friends have bought a product from me, they are very likely to buy from me without asking a lot of questions. But sometimes the hardest part is the follow-up. I have to come up with all sorts of excuses to get them to meet me in Hong Kong to sign the policy when the topic is still hot in their mind. This window period, according to my experience is 2-3 weeks max. So I always lose sleep when the customer loses touch after agreeing to buy.

I kind a felt bad for him as I can’t imagine myself succeeding in doing what he is doing.

‘You are not horny anymore? I am not attractive enough?’ I asked him half-jokingly.

‘If not, I would like to wash up and clean up my own cum’…I murmured before stepping into the shower. It felt freezing out there in the room.

I felt like calling it a night as I recalled I had an early meeting the next morning. I thought about my CFO client: she is a demanding middle-aged woman working for this well-established electronic learning aids manufacturing company which started out as a family business more than 30 years ago.

Out of the blue, I felt someone grabbing and squeezing me roughly from behind with force.

He put his tongue into my wet hole, trying his best to spread it open as wide as possible. My penis, which was originally limp from the ejaculation, immediately came alive again, begging for attention.

It felt so good. The tongue went in so deep and with the shower dripping down, it felt so sensuous that I told myself to forget about the fucking meeting and stay behind to enjoy what there was to enjoy.

I then felt his hard rod shove into my rectum, touching my prostate, arousing every nerve in my body.

He picked up his speed and shoved in and out in and out of my butt until I felt like I was floating in the air. I felt so elated at the pleasure that I couldn’t help speaking foul in front of the little boy…..’Please take me… please give it to me…. I want it deep… don’t stop darling…’.

to be continued….