Someone messaged in video comments if anyone was watching this in 2017. I responded, ‘I am in Hong Kong and have been lost to the music scene for decades. This is such a beautifully filmed video. It has structure and architectural elements apart from being styled impeccably, a superb match for the track.’

The thought and creativity that went into the video production of Hurt’s Wonderful Life left me applauding to the genius team. The dancers and synchronised swimmers were superbly choreographed, as well as the costumes and cinematography. The nonchalant attitude of the ladies hardly looking at the camera reminded me of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love, which I’ve linked down below.

Hurt’s Wonderful Life also reminds me of the music I would probably hear in the mid-80’s, in particular the instrumentation and melody, a dreamlike chilled sound that is cool and haunting. The muted, dreary blue-grey tones are well-suited for storyline, which is about a man’s desire for death but was saved after discovering love (at first sight). A tad melodramatic as storylines go, but redeemed by the production itself.

Storyline aside, the women that adorn this video should be commended, in particular synchronised swimmers — voluptuous full-figured ladies. The scene when they plop feet first into the pool, one by one, is particularly memorable, as is the under and above water shots.

Oh, I promised the link to Addicted to Love