Insurance for Mainlanders (Part 4)

Insurance for Mainlanders (Part 4)

‘You know what, Zack? you feel special… the way you talk, your single eye lids…… you are an intelligent and mature man… you are my type… and you know what drives me crazy most … your hairy legs…they remind me of Japanese men in my favourite porn collection.’

He then got down on his knees and started nibbling at my hairy legs, worshipping every inch of wet and curly hair around my knees and legs. He then worked his way up my wet body. I yipped as he bit down on the tender skin between my thigh and the groin. ‘Keep going, sweetheart’.  I demanded. His lube-slick fingers dug into my hips like talons to hold me still as I wriggled. He buried his head in my bush pubic hair and sucked in a deep breath.

‘You know how I like to jerk off to the Japanese Mannhouse collection… they have mature executive men getting it on with each other. I download it for  days and nights onto my laptop  so I can jerk off to it all night when I have nothing to do at night in one of those budget hotels in Shanghai or Beijing’.

I was flushing with flattery, and my dick rose to full attention in appreciation of his nice words.

‘I have watched those Mannhouse collections but those were oldies. The new ones have skinny teenage boys with dyed gold hair getting on with one another in bondage or sadistic way. That puts me off completely.’ I murmured.

I was amused,  deliberately spreading my legs wide to maximise my private area to his cute face. His head bobbed over my dick, working me deeper. His throat tightened around me at the same moment his slick finger glided up my crack to tap my hole and I suddenly couldn’t stand it anymore. ‘Fuck. Yes. In. In. In.’ I demanded.

He then continued with his topic on Japanese Porn. ‘I totally agree with you. I only like the classic Erotic scan videos. When I saw you in that suit at the pub tonight, I felt like raping you in the pub’s bathroom. I have this insatiable desire for mature executive men with hairy legs and you got me.’

His finger thrust inside me, crooking to find my prostate.

I screamed.

I spurted what must have been most of my brains down his throat. He licked away my cum – at me – long minutes while my head swirled in the giddy, electrifying chaos.

A second finger now joined the first, plundering my hole.

I grunted, shifting my lips now to avoid his suckling, slurping attention to my now over-stimulated cock.

He sucked my spent dick, sending equal amounts of pleasure and splintery pain to my balls.

But with his fingers in my ass and his mouth punishing my overtaxed cock, all I could do was whine mindlessly.

His thrusting fingers nailed my prostate again, shooting a bolt of pleasure from my ass to my dick. I bucked my hips, riding his palm so that his fingers tunnelled deeper into my ass.

To hell with it. Shitty job anyway.

‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ I chanted, but none of my pleading would sway him. He simply batted my hand away from my cock and wrapped his fingers around me. He stroked me. So hard. So good.

His mouth slammed down over mine, his tongue spearing inside me.

‘That’s right baby. Get hard for me,’ He panted against my lips. ‘I want to watch you come when I am inside you.’

I lifted my head and kissed him, so hungry for the young chap I’d promise him everything. I could not help but notice that he had very dark and thick eyebrows, a feature that I find irresistible in a man.

I wrapped myself around his sweat-slick body when he reached for the condom on the bed side table.

I ripped the wrapper open and rolled the latex down his beautiful dick. My hands shook so badly, I fumbled with the lube.

(to be continued….)

Insurance for Mainlanders (part 3)

Insurance for Mainlanders (part 3)

… perhaps I am getting old…. a sense of fatigue embodied my whole body and my feelings were very mixed after having one of the most ecstatic orgasms in my adult life….

He continued to hug me real tight to the point I felt a bit uncomfortable.

I tried to rub his cock hoping he would come to reciprocate the joy and maybe clean up and go home (I was thinking out loud). But to my surprise, he was all soft and his dick seemed to be taking a break.

It must have been like half an hour when I drifted into some sort of light sleep. I sort of lost touch with what was going on.

When I woke up, I could see him sitting beside me on the bed playing with one of the ‘shoot-them-up’ video games on his smart phone.

‘How are you feeling? How was I? Did I make you feel good?’ He whispered. I nodded. I felt a bit embarrassed as he was not my prostitute although he was the best one that I can ever bargain for.

I tried to change the subject by talking about the game. ‘I heard terrible stories of how young people get hooked on playing games. Some played non-stop and died from exhaustion’.

‘I know how to practice moderation. For me, it is a way to take away the edge as I have the ambition exceed far beyond my sales target every month and I need to strategize on each potential customer’. It’s a cruel game. Nevertheless, compared to the bank job that I had to work all day for HKD15K, this is much better as the upside is limitless and I am my own boss. I have all the freedom to arrange my schedule.

‘The flights are always delayed in China due to heavy traffic controls. I rely on the games to pass the time’. I listened with much interest.

‘Unlike you, I don’t own a flat in Hong Kong. Our generation is doomed. My family is very poor. I have no choice but to work my ass off to get ahead. I am fully aware that only a handful of us make it to the diamond club.

‘How do you broach the subject to strangers about this subject? I heard it’s not even legal’. I asked curiously.

‘We have to be very careful. We have to rely on referrals from friends. Mainlanders, in general, are less sophisticated than Hong Kong people. If their friends have bought a product from me, they are very likely to buy from me without asking a lot of questions. But sometimes the hardest part is the follow-up. I have to come up with all sorts of excuses to get them to meet me in Hong Kong to sign the policy when the topic is still hot in their mind. This window period, according to my experience is 2-3 weeks max. So I always lose sleep when the customer loses touch after agreeing to buy.

I kind a felt bad for him as I can’t imagine myself succeeding in doing what he is doing.

‘You are not horny anymore? I am not attractive enough?’ I asked him half-jokingly.

‘If not, I would like to wash up and clean up my own cum’…I murmured before stepping into the shower. It felt freezing out there in the room.

I felt like calling it a night as I recalled I had an early meeting the next morning. I thought about my CFO client: she is a demanding middle-aged woman working for this well-established electronic learning aids manufacturing company which started out as a family business more than 30 years ago.

Out of the blue, I felt someone grabbing and squeezing me roughly from behind with force.

He put his tongue into my wet hole, trying his best to spread it open as wide as possible. My penis, which was originally limp from the ejaculation, immediately came alive again, begging for attention.

It felt so good. The tongue went in so deep and with the shower dripping down, it felt so sensuous that I told myself to forget about the fucking meeting and stay behind to enjoy what there was to enjoy.

I then felt his hard rod shove into my rectum, touching my prostate, arousing every nerve in my body.

He picked up his speed and shoved in and out in and out of my butt until I felt like I was floating in the air. I felt so elated at the pleasure that I couldn’t help speaking foul in front of the little boy…..’Please take me… please give it to me…. I want it deep… don’t stop darling…’.

to be continued….

Insurance for Mainlanders (Part 2)

Insurance for Mainlanders (Part 2)

He then proceeded licking my body all over with his skilful tongue. I couldn’t have imagined such a seasoned and trained tongue from such an innocent looking, reserved looking young chap.

But it sure felt better than most of the other much sexier, beefier mature men which I had came across in my adventurous, long sensuous life.

I was just thinking out loud if skills or visuals were more vital to sexual gratification.

Whilst I was debating with myself about this point, he shoved his tongue down my crack and wandered up and down for a few minutes. I couldn’t help but moan. I kept my eyes shut, trying to fantasize that he was older and more muscular.

The next instance I was already on cloud nine and more than ready to take him all in. He was a pro. We tried multiple positions, including me facing the wall with him thrusting his rod hard into me deep from behind.

My favourite one is when I French kissed him as I held his firm energetic cheeks swinging into me — all the while he was stroking my cock sensuously. I call that double pleasure with all the sensual organs – mouth, ass and cock fully engaged.

“Are you enjoying yourself, sweetie? I need to make sure that you are absolutely relaxed and comfortable.’ It was all music to my ears as he quickened his pace. He started pounding me deeper, pushing his shaft further down my pleasure hole. It had been a long time since I felt so ecstatic. Although I had come the night before to hardcore Porn, I was acting like a teenager getting it on for the first time. All my inhibitions evaporated into rapture.

He then proceeded to take out the KY he had previously placed beside the side table and started applying some of it onto my fully erect cock.

I could sense tension quickly building up like a volcano waiting to erupt. I started begging him to stop, murmuring “sweetie pie, please stop… I am loving every minute of it and I don’t want this to end so soon….’

‘Why not?… we could do it again later… haven’t you booked the room for the whole night?’ ‘I am on holiday… no work until next week when I fly out to Beijing again…’

I had to wake up early in the morning and I haven’t had 5 insurance policies signed for the month. I still had to clock in clock out to get my pay check at the end of the month.

Whilst he was saying that he flipped me over and increased the intensity. He managed to continue to fondle my balls from above. The next thing I know I yelled and almost passed out in one of the most fulfilling orgasms of all time, splitting a big load to stain a big corner of the white bed sheets.

He then pulled his manhood out, put some lube on his road, and rubbed against my body rough and hard. Since I had just come, I felt very numb and sore with the additional unwelcomed stimulation.

He then quickly turned his body upside down with his face now facing my crotch, licking all my man juice which just spitted out. My mouth automatically took in his big, red cock and started sucking on it. He has a mushroom head which kept my mouth full and satisfied.

Before I realized it, I started tasting something a bit sour in my mouth as he ejaculated a big mouthful into my mouth. I felt the hot juice digesting straight down my throat into my system. Our bodies were wrapped together in one in cum and sweat.

Insurance for Mainlanders (Part 1)

Insurance for Mainlanders (Part 1)

“I promise I won’t talk about insurance when we meet up. We will just hit the sack….”

This is what came out of the message of a 27-year-old pale but handsome young guy on blued, a site where mainland gay men meet.

We arranged to meet up at a bar/restaurant the other day. He was thinner than I thought. He also looked so young. God, I had never actually dated someone 20 years my junior, but I was excited anyway.

‘I love what I do… I just got back from Beijing. I am exploring new ground. I never sell insurance in Hong Kong. I am after the megabucks there. They don’t ask much. They trust the professionalism of Hong Kong people. And word of mouth referral is most crucial. They buy whatever their friends buy. Of course there is this jetso crackdown and it’s getting tougher. But if I dawn a 20 hour 5-day job I get paid hkd14k and I need to stay in the office and grind all day. Now I am so free. I get even more… plus I have bright future. I was staring at him and tried to imagine if I could get intimate with him. But I showed up already. Unless he rejects it… I am all for the ride… the motel has been booked…

Then his mobile started to ring…. it has the 86 prefix. Obviously, it was a call from Beijing… he started lowering his voice and begins speaking authentic Putonghua (I was very impressed as he sounded really sexy). He was doing fantastic things with his tongue. ‘We have to wait for the product to be launched….we then went on and said something the procedures. He seemed intense and yet below the table he was naughty with his hands, rubbing my hairy thighs with his fingers… we talked about this. He told me about his obsession with hairy legs and how he would apply brandy to his legs when he was younger in the futile hope to grow more hair. In fact, I guess that was the only reason he wanted to meet up an old guy like me. I tried to imagine him inside me. I looked at his face. He was too boyish for me, I thought to myself.

He then hung up and complained about the air con. He then finished the steak he ordered. Asked for the cheque… was sticky pocket… I paid my share only to make sure I was not playing sugar daddy and left the stuffy restaurant.

I felt a bit awkward. I thought he was just going to take off as he seemed impatient. Maybe he didn’t like what he saw or how his fingers felt down there… so I asked him… so where do we go? He then had his eyes wide open and asked me where the motel was.

We checked into a very small but classy boutique in Sheung Wan. There was another lesbian couple in the elevator who were kissing in the elevator up. We got into the room and it suddenly dawned on me that I forgot to prepare condom and lube. I told him. He laughed and said coolly that he had got everything. I showed a sign of relief.  We jumped into bed and we kissed right away. His small and smooth face felt strange to me. Yet he was a good tender kisser. He started getting more aggressive, French kissing me and unbuttoning my shirt and pants. Boy, he sure knew what he was doing.

(to be continued…)