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An Tôn Thất’s latest MV ‘L’appel du vide’: erotic, seductive and haunting

  MOXIE is extremely pleased to showcase An Tôn Thất’s latest MV L’appel du vide, a seductive and haunting video by the artist, director and composer. L’appel du vide translates to ‘the call of the void’. His journey brings him to a place of solitude within the seeming emptiness of life. There is deep longing in this composition, one of looking back in one’s life with questions. Shot in empty parking lots, alleyways and night streets, the barren landscape and scenery lend itself to the mood and thrust of the music. Dancer WeiHan Li’s movements are lyrical, fluid and filled with lament...

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THE REAL TIPS on How to Photograph the Male Nude from Scratch by Norm Yip (Part 2)

1. Where to scout for guys? I do not scout for guys at the bars or clubs; I think it comes off as a bit sleazy and a bad excuse to actually be picking them up. I prefer using the internet such as facebook or Instagram. Some other photographers I have spoken to say they have no problem walking up to guys but they seem to rarely become models for me in the end. 2. The Exception to the above is when someone you know at the bar or club introduces you, then it is acceptable. Hence, it’s good...

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The End of Time

Every year since 2001, I think about the horrific events of 9/11, the day when 2 planes struck the World Trade Centers in New York city, setting them ablaze, and eventually witnessing the collapse of the towers. I recall seeing the first tower on little television screens at the gym, thinking how did it happen and how they would put out such a huge fire. It didn’t seem quite real. Later that evening I turned on the television set and saw repeated reruns of the tower’s collapse. My first thought was of the ones that died from the crash,...

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Hurts’ Wunderful Life oozes style and class

Someone messaged in video comments if anyone was watching this in 2017. I responded, ‘I am in Hong Kong and have been lost to the music scene for decades. This is such a beautifully filmed video. It has structure and architectural elements apart from being styled impeccably, a superb match for the track.’ The thought and creativity that went into the video production of Hurt’s Wonderful Life left me applauding to the genius team. The dancers and synchronised swimmers were superbly choreographed, as well as the costumes and cinematography. The nonchalant attitude of the ladies hardly looking at the...

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How to Photograph Male Nudes from Scratch by Norm Yip (Part 1)

After receiving several emails asking me for advice on how to start photographing male nudes, I thought I would give it a shot. And since both recent requests were from men that hardly knew how to operate a camera, I decided to start from scratch, as if you knew nothing about how a camera works. So here goes:   1. BUY A CAMERA Seems simple enough right? No, I do not encourage using an iPhone to be your chosen camera. It just won’t do. Plus, any model that you approach is not going to look at you seriously. Get...

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