I started MOXIE in 2017 with idealisiam, a publication about talented artists and creators in photography, music, art, and literature. My motto was: Be yourself. Be proud of who you are. Moxie the word is about being sassy, about having guts to be who you are and not following in other people’s footsteps. You create your own path.

Well, as it turned out, I burned out in a very short time. I was intensely ambitious and I collapsed after 2 online publications. The story behind this decision is rather long and not suitable for here to discuss. I pulled back and placed the project and website on permanent hold. That was in October 2017.

As of today, I have decided to reinstate the website, but to only work on the publication at my own pace and time that suited me and with content that I felt was right for me and not anyone else. I decided that it was like an artwork or art-piece. I have always been more comfortable with this train of thought rather than looking at the project from a commercial enterprise, which sadly, was how I envisioned the original publication. As such, this is like a zine, but an online version.

I will not use Instagram and facebook as primary means to disseminate my work, my message of personal expresssion. My accounts are under scrutiny, having been banned and blocked several times, rendering me frozen in social media. If you want to be informed of when something is released, please join my newsletter list. I will announce new publications as they appear. I will modestly aim for 1 publication every 4 months. We shall see.

Norm Yip
8 July 2018