The idea behind MOXIE started out to be a very simple idea: to showcase my Asian male photography in a more interesting way that a stream of images. I wanted to move it into a direction that gave it more depth. The result was that it had to become open and graphically interesting in the form of an online publication (print seemed out of the question). I decided that it had to have other photographer’s contribution, so it wasn’t just about myself and my work, so MOXIE 02, the second publication I brought in the work of Adam Photography from Indonesia to showcase, and what a beautiful addition it is with his shoot of Rony.

There are 2 major components to MOXIE:

1) The flippable online portfolio magazine, which will be created using Indesign, and will be released hopefully on a bi-monthly basis, as the photography rolls in. This will be curated and designed for detail and quality. MOXIE will be permanently left on the ISSUU magazine platform and will never be taken down.

2) The online website version, which may contain any of the following topics: food, travel & hotels, electronic gadgets, personal interest stories, art events, and fashion — whatever you feel that might make this a great magazine. I also extend this invitation to people with knowledge on marketing, PR and sales, besides the creatives. So in a way, MOXIE is driven by the various contributors involved.

Nothing has been set in stone so I’m open to hear any ideas. For anyone that would like to help out in this website and online magazine, let me know.

Norm Yip